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Wellshine Ltd is a family-run business which originally launched in Northampton in 2009.

We are the one-stop provider for all forms of home help and cleaning. We also offer a flexible range of services to the elderly, busy professionals and commercial customers.

Our franchisees are specifically selected and trained to provide domestic and commercial
cleaning, domestic help, and carpet cleaning.

With over 6 million people in the country hiring domestic cleaning services, this has led to a £9 billion domestic cleaning market. Which is only set to grow.

 Our Ideal Franchisee

The most successful Wellshine franchisees have several attributes in common. You need a strong work ethic, passion in the work you are doing and of course, great customer service skills.

Along with this, we want the franchisee to have the understanding of the distinct aspects of franchising: The importance of offering the highest-quality service in the day-to-day work and the understanding of how to develop a profitable business.

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Carpet Cleaners Dartford

Assam Assam

Wellshine Agent - Dartford

“I chose Wellshine as a franchise because they have a great future and foresight for developing their franchisee cleaners. Wellshine has all the expertise to make me achieve my goal as a business owner with all the support and goodwill from the Management. Mr Plant has been an inspiration to me making me believe with hard work you can always go that extra mile. From the first day I joined Wellshine I have had ultimate satisfaction and finally believe I can achieve my goal here. Thanks to the management.”


Kemi Sam - Bellow

Wellshine Agent - Clapham

“Wellshine will give me the opportunity to have more family time with my children. I did some research and found the Wellshine franchise. After attending the induction I am very glad that I have been able to make the right decision in joining the franchise.

This is a great franchise which I can see is going to be a success with the qualified and excellent team at Head office.”


Amanda Swain

Wellshine Agent - Derby

“I had been working for myself for a while and decided to try and expand using a branded name. Having experienced other cleaning agencies and not completely agreeing with how clients are passed to different operatives on a regular basis, I decided to try and do things a little different and offer a more personal service that people felt entirely comfortable and confident with. I thought having the branded name behind me would offer that extra bit of quality that would hopefully make my clients more confident in the services I provide.”

Cleaner Gloucestershire

Ryan & Debbie Jones

Wellshine Agents - Gloucester

“We looked at many franchises that would help pickup cleaning work and allowing Debbie to manage herself. I also wanted to utilise my business minded skills and knowledge wherever I could. Experiencing for ourselves life’s pressures with work, looking after children and our home was tiring, we wanted to
spend time with our children rather than having to worry about cleaning our home. So we thought there must be other families exactly the same has us. Wellshine seemed a great solution. We took the plunge and we were right.”

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